Friday, July 31, 2009

on this Friday at the end of July

I'm so excited about our trip to PEI tomorrow, and for so many reasons:
  • Nick and I get to go back to our very favorite place on earth
  • We can't wait to see Ellen, Pam and Howard and we're psyched to meet Joanne, Howard's fiancee
  • weather permitting we can ride
  • we'll see the work that's been done since we left; the dining room and all the guest rooms are finished (to see a before and after view of the master bedroom look at
  • we'll get away from the news bubble and spend a week outside the reach of birthers, bigots and beer
  • we won't hear about Glen Beck (heinous and either unstable or playing the role of someone unstable) or Lou Dobbs (he should be ashamed)
  • Holly will have her first kennel experience; Nick drops her off today at a place he's used before that he is very happy with. Lots of doggie play dates and they can start and sustain a barking chain (I still remember that phrase from the animated "101 Dalmatians"
  • we'll miss the insane Republican campaign to demonize Obama's health care plan -- the way they're stoking fear is both familiar and disturbing (the stuff about killing old people is just beyond the pale)
  • no makeup for a week
  • we have room enough for everyone and Susan did a spectacular job on the bedrooms (as she did with everything) and I'm really proud of the way everything looks
  • the most stressful thing we'll do is figure out what we're doing for dinner, and what our cycling route should be


  1. 4;07am... you sure get up early!

    I enjoy your blog and your thoughts/comments... and positive feedback on your house, thank you. BTW, the pictures of the bedroom from last weeks post pale in comparison to what it looks like now. You're in for a surprise.

    re; Lou Dobbs and Glen Beck...Yeah we have American cable news and those 2, well you hit the mark! I can't stand either one of them, remote control please.

    PEI Dinner is lots of fresh veggies, seafood and berries available now! Try Hal's Veggie Stand on #2 Hwy on the outskirts of town, 2km from where you live. Way better than the grocery store.

    Have a safe trip.

  2. So glad we share political views! We're going to ask the two Canadians who we'll be with this week and I wanted to ask you too: how do you feel as a Canadian about how the republicans here portray your healthcare system? Thanks for the veggie tip; all ideas about places to go and things to do are welcome.

  3. p.s. ignore the time on the blog; for some reason it isn't synced right so the time shown for posting etc. is way off.


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