Friday, July 10, 2009

More will than skill

2 injuries in the last 24 hours (the only ones on the trip, begorrah.) Both were worth it -- the first came yesterday when I dove to return one of Nick's ping-pong smashes. Worth it -- I made the save but lost the point, and in the process went flying (slow motion, as these things always happen) into the wall. Flew into the wall and evenly hit my elbow and my lower back (of course.) Bruised and banged up but fine.

And today I stopped too suddenly on our 36-kilometer ride (Kensington to Kinkorra) and fell off the bike. Landed mostly on my knee. More souvenirs of the trip. But we scouted a great portion of the trail for our friends arrival in a few weeks. I may be the only traveler in tomorrow's extreme heat wearing long sleeves and long pants to mask my injuries, but all in service of an excellent cause. I've always known that when it comes to things athletic I have more will than skill.

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