Friday, July 17, 2009

What matters

Among the more obvious:

1. my kids
2. Nick
3. my family
4. Holly
5. Nick's kids and all of his family
6. my friends
7. work
8. PEI
9. politics
10. the economy

Other things I find I care about, some of which are new and surprise me, some of which are enduring and familiar

1. weather
2. neuroscience
3. economics
4. the role of religion in history and in modern life
5. music
6. what's going on in Iran
7. a very clean and neat house
8. investigating the Bush administration for torture
9. the quality of my work and the contributions I can make
10. words and language

And a few more that I don't give a fig about, at least anymore
1. Michael Jackson
2. complexity
3. swine flu
4. our celebrity culture
5. missile defense systems
6. Antiques Roadshow
7. opera
8. the notion that everything happens for a reason
9. learning about gardening
10. being the smartest kid in the class

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