Sunday, July 26, 2009

Unfinished business

A couple of things are still up in the air, or yet to happen, but here are the big ones:

1. finalize the divorce. Not up to us -- we've done our part and it's all filed. Now we wait as the divorce wends its way through the NY judicial system.

2. sell the house. I don't envy anyone trying to sell right now -- it's a bear. We get lots of traffic at the open houses, though much of it is unqualified. People see the signs and walk in off the street. We get a fair amount of "we love the house but can only afford fill-in-the-blank-amount" which is always far less than I can take. We've taken Judy's advice and made some changes to make the house show better. All the advice was great, and the house shows well. Now all we need are some more reasonable offers. I'd rather not wait this out but if I have to, I can. One unintended side effect of the process is that weekends without open houses -- like this one -- feel like a gift.

3. Fix my back. I moved the surgery up to 9/2 (I had delayed it a week because of a family party being planned for that week; when the party was canceled I was able to move the surgery.) As is my wont I research the surgery pretty thoroughly, but as is also my wont I'm far more interested in what happens after the surgery than I am in what happens during the surgery. I was hoping for a "what to expect when you're..." book or article, but haven't found one. No surprise -- tons of crap on line about this (as well as everything else) but I've found some worthwhile info.

We'll get there. All of these things will happen in the relative short term, and they're key to our ability to move on. They loom, though. I don't feel like I'm living under the sword of Damocles -- it's not that dire. But these things most definitely weigh on me, and I'll be relieved when I'm on the other side of this unholy trio of events.

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