Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Highland Storm

Last night at the College of Piping (abbreviated, oddly, as COP) for opening night of their new production. Quite fantastic -- a Celtic carnival of dance, piping, drumming, fiddling and singing. 80% professional production; 20% school play (the youngest dancer -- 10 -- was the daughter of the man beside me.) In the words of my (very non-Celtic) people, he was kvelling. In an outdoor amphitheater and a tremendous night. Tomorrow night at 7 we go to our first ceilidh at Stanley Bridge. Will report post. Today cycling on the Confederation Trail for a few hours. New bike (nicknamed Tracy; official bike name TCX) very well-suited for the surface. Big day for Holly tomorrow -- the invisible fence lady comes to train her, and she'll find out what that collar is really about.

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