Monday, July 6, 2009

The road to Tignish

Much to be learned (learnt) here in Canada. Among our newest discoveries: 1. very dog-friendly place; Holly is a big hit (and has been variously described many ways, the most memorable of which is as a "very busy dog." 2. Canadian Tire is a great store, and to our surprise sells nearly everything, the least of which is tires. Tremendous alternative to the dread Wal-Mart. 3. A vigorously green province, PEI requires that trash be sorted four different ways. This to me is higher math and well beyond my ken. Falls squarely in Nick's sphere of influence. 4. Sunday dinner apparently takes place at 4:00, and it's not uncommon to be served the interesting combination of burgers and lobster. 5. Canadian Scrabble is identical to US Scrabble (we expected more u's.) 6. Setting up house is more and more like being a new bride, but a wiser one. 7. PEI is the most Scottish of all Canadian provinces, and we will honor the heritage this week by attending an event at the nearby College of Piping (contrary to my original thinking it has nothing to do with sewing, cake decorating or plumbing. It's all piping, all the time.) We've also been invited later in the week to a ceilidh. Report to follow.

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