Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yesterday was a beautiful day to ride, and Nick took his new bike out for the first time. It's a hybrid so much lighter and nimbler than his old bike. For the first time he had no problem catching up with me and rode without the usual discomfort he feels in his hips and legs. Amazing what the right equipment can do. This time I didn't have to stop along the way to wait for him; he was right behind me every step of the way. And on the long straightaway where I like to pass the slower riders he more than kept up. A very nice ride -- about 18 miles at the beach with no real wind.

We were hoping to ride today but the weather seems uncooperative. In any case we feel ready for our cycling trip with the gang in PEI the week after next. And that trip should put us in good stead for the long (66 mile) ride in Montauk we signed up for in late August. That ride will be my last hurrah before the spine surgery.


  1. ....for two summers I struggled to keep up with Ruby, peddling what amounted to be a tank..a heavy frame, multiple shock absorbers and disc brakes, with gear ratios better suited for Kilimanjaro than the streets of Rockaway...enter the new bike...and a new out next summer you'll be chasing me...

  2. You don't scare me -- bring it on! Maybe one of these days we'll re-stage that race we tried once (you remember the one, when your gears exploded.) xox


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