Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting ready

Much of this week was spent getting everything ready for when our cycling friends come early August. Pam, Ellen, Howard, his fiancee Joanne arrive a day or so after we land here, so much prep and things to be laid in. We're such novices here (around here people like us are called folks from away) and so much to explore that we'll be far from expert, and can discover together. Nick spent the afternoon doing things about the house -- hooks and rods, shower curtains and the new mailbox. While he worked I rested from the cycling morning reading a new history of the Third Reich. Game or two of Scrabble, some ping pong, visits from neighbors -- all lovely. Was planning to lunch with the designer but it was the first beautiful day here so far and had to be spent cycling. Want to maximize cycling both to prepare for a long ride in Montauk late August and to get in as much as I can before the September spinal surgery. Also scouted out places to take the kids when they arrive later in August.

Matt couldn't be happier in camp; Liv is leaving Oxford today and boarding a train for Paris.

We're quite swept up with this place -- the people (shockingly down to earth), the mix of cultures (Miqmaq -- the Indians, Acadian, Scottish, Irish, Canadian), the simplicity and beauty of this place. Someone here told me that the attitude of local government is that things don't need changing; they're fine the way they are. Nice contrast from the ever-forward, ever-upward nature of New York.

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