Friday, July 24, 2009


Olivia comes home today. I'm working from home this morning and in the early afternoon Nick and I will go pick her up from the airport. On Wednesday she called, weeping. She was pickpocketed on a public bus in Florence, and they got her cash and cards. She didn't even know it had happened, so clearly an expert job. For a few hours she was understandably upset, and told me that: 1. she was upset; 2. she didn't feel well; 3. she wanted to come home; 4. she wanted to come home NOW.

She calmed down over the next few hours. I canceled her cards and arranged for the leaders to lend her some cash. She didn't lose her passport, which saved us a world of trouble. But for the last couple of days of her trip she was a little bereft: no phone (that bit the dust early in the trip), no cash, no cards. But by the afternoon her messages changed, and she told me that she'd be singing at a coffee house that evening (need to get more details on that.)

And today the trip is over. It'll be great to have her home. Holly will explode with joy when she sees her.

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