Friday, July 17, 2009

Re-entry complete

Our return to the real world was abrupt; the glow is hard to sustain. We returned to the 24-hour news cycle, to the constant drumbeat -- Ensign, Sanford, Palin and the death spiral of Republican leaders, to the Sotomayor hearings -- reassuring in their dullness, to the spectacle of GOP governors who denigrated the stimulus now begging for it. We returned to work, which has its own satisfactions.

And to our rhythms, which include our cycling days, scrabble games, seeing friends, mojitos and Holly in the Hills. To enough time to read magazines but not books (I read David Kessler's new book while away; interesting and worthwhile.) To the demands of hosting open houses and keeping the house looking as though no one actually lives here, but is rather a well-maintained property owned by distant though caring and scrupulous owners. We're a good team and share the prep.

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