Sunday, August 2, 2009

We're here

We traveled up here yesterday, and Ellen flew with us. Easy travel day, and it's easy to forget how smooth travel can be when it happens without incident. Stopped at Sobey's to stock up on essentials (an interesting mix of what we consider essential, which included potato chips in unfamiliar flavors like dill pickle and roasted chicken -- this is very much a potato culture. The poor pretzels are limited and isolated. A few snacks to accompany cocktails, a couple of bottles of wine, etc.)

Got to the house about 7 pm and we all saw together what Susan did in the last few days -- breathtaking (photos to come). We made several grand tours to check out everything, sit on everything, step back, touch things, marvel and start again. Ellen was in a quandary choosing among the three guest bedrooms, but after some conversation made an excellent choice (the largest one, at least for now, since she'll be here the most nights. Subject to change when the house is full.) Nice dinner at the Lobster House, easy, close and good. It's a beautiful day here. I'm the first one up but when we've got it together we'll take our first ride. Pam arrives tonight and we'll pick her up in Charlottetown and stay for dinner. Howard and Joanne will be here tomorrow.

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