Saturday, August 8, 2009


It's our last day; we go home late this afternoon. Yesterday was a little fraught and fragmented. Howard and Joanne left early as planned. We took Pam and Ellen to the airport, ran into some snags along the way including road work, detours, lack of GPS, getting a little lost -- not the recipe for a carefree ride but we got there in good time and said our goodbyes.

On the ride home my cold, which had been increasing in intensity, morphed into migraine (not uncommon -- my migraines are bottom feeders and prey on me when I'm the most vulnerable and compromised.) It differed from usual pattern of brief disorientation, 15-minute aura and 8+ hours of slamming pain. This one began with an almost hour-long disorientation, during which I was silent and kept Nick in the dark. A long aura followed, where my speech was affected in addition to my vision. I had to cancel wine with Susan -- something I was really looking forward to -- because all I could do when I got home was to go to bed. Because the pain never really arrived I felt better a few hours later, and we could reconstitute the semblance of an evening. Not our usual evenings here -- no scrabble, or ping pong, or dinner out -- just some pizza Nick brought in and an unusually early bedtime (even for me.) The worst is now behind me.

Today will be a wrap-up. Randy will come by for the last check in. I hope Susan stops by for coffee. We'll pack and get things together and head out to the Charlottetown airport mid-afternoon, relieved and happy in the knowledge that we'll be back here in just 2 weeks with Nikki, Jamie, Liv and Jon. Wish Matt could come but it doesn't work with his schedule.

That'll be a wholly different visit -- no cycling, fewer days. But we'll take the kids to do and see things we hope they'll enjoy: the amusement park in Cavendish, some pitch and putt golf, tours around town. A different flavor of great but one we're really looking forward to.

So to appropriate and misquote a line from the Lion King: the sun sets on one vacation and rises on another.

Next week back to work and everything that's been piling up and waiting. I'll bring with me the book I started yesterday -- Richard Wolff's Renegade -- which I'm enjoying. Time with the kids, getting ready for my brother's visit next weekend, time with friends and family, back to the work of selling the house. Not a bad pattern, just a different one. But nothing else in our lives is like PEI. There's no where we're happier.

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