Friday, August 21, 2009

What's next

there's a jumble of activities we want to do while we're here, and the order will be dependent on the weather. But here' s what's on the docket:
  • check out Summerside
  • explore Charlottetown
  • head up to Cavendish to see the amusement park
  • find a good bar for N&J to hang out in tonight
  • decide if Liv and I are going to get mother-daughter tatoos (this would be the trip: the legal age in Canada is 16 with parental approval and conveniently there are 2 tatoo parlors right here in Summerside)
  • collaboratively cook one dinner
  • hope that Hurricane Bill stays away; it's threatening this part of the world
  • play games: we have Boggle and brought catch phrase; those are for the group. And Nick and I will play solo scrabble
  • introduce the kids to our neighbors
  • enjoy every minute of what will be our last weekend here for a while, at least til Oct/Nov by when I hope to be able to get back here

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