Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Minor events and comments of note (at least to us)

  • We met another neighbor who came by to introduce himself.
  • both Nick's and my ipods died on the trip (I may be the ipod killer, but I hope not)
  • Ellen -- much more spatial than me - has taken over the loading of the dishwasher (Pam and I agreed that we're weak on the visual/spatial senses)
  • Everyone's riding well: Pam's a stronger rider than last year; Nick did great for his longest ride ever and Joanne did an amazing job considering how little she's ridden
  • looks like the wedding party and procession for H&J's wedding is definite, or nearly so
  • I'm reading an article in this week's New Yorker which I'm finding astonishingly interesting -- due either to its intrinsic value or my relaxed tiredness which allows me to sit quietly and focus: "Travels in Siberia." Also reading the new history of the Third Reich and this week's Economist, Pam's reading a book about travel and discovery, Ellen's reading "Skinny Bitch" and Nick's really enjoying his new book on the Bataan Death March.
  • We've checked out each other's kids, dates and others on Facebook (we've spent limited time on the computer; other than that it's only Howard and me -- he does work, I check email and write here)
  • The TV was actually on last night for the first time on this trip
  • Joanne's decided to go with gold shoes for her wedding instead of the white ones she's having trouble finding
  • as always we find that we come together so quickly and so intimately that it never feels a year's gone by; we quickly settle into our rhythms as though little time has elapsed


  1. I just completed Travels In Siberia Part 2 and promptly forwarded a pdf of both parts to Tim Pounanov, who now lives in Boston. Tim loves to read articles about Russia by Americans - and Ian Frazier is one of The New Yorker's best.


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