Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back in NY

It's Sunday morning, the official catch-up day after vacation. The travel was smooth and uneventful (no small thing when there was an air tragedy over the Hudson yesterday; how terrible for those people and their families.)

We actually landed an hour early (ah, PEI) and got home at a reasonable hour, hung out with Liv, did some food shopping and had dinner together. This morning we'll all head out east to get Holly from the kennel. She's sorely missed (though we don't regret putting her in the kennel; it wouldn't have been fair to have left her for our day-long cycling trips and it was too much responsibility for Liv.) And Liv did a fantastic job holding down the fort. She had friends here the whole time and nothing in the house was out of place.

What was funny though was her reaction to the hordes that passed through the house -- she sounded like someone who woke up one day to find herself the mom of a bunch of teenage boys. Here's what she said: all they do is eat! They ate everything -- everything! All my food, everything they could get their hands on. Even the oatmeal!

We laughed and laughed, and took her to Trader Joe's where we gave her these instructions: get whatever you want. No discussion, no agony, no questions asked. Anything you want. Turned out to include two different types of chocolate-covered pretzels, everything you could put in a salad, lots of dried fruit and apple products, dairy, dairy, dairy -- she shopped like a shipwreck survivor. It was great. And we watched Weeds together, which we all love and whose plot twists continue to impress and amuse us to no end.

It's good to be home. The list of things we were looking forward to included: being with Liv, Holly, our shower, AC, mojitos, and yogo. Nick's deep in his re-entry mode -- it's like he's got an invisible carapace of to-do lists covering him. I know the signs.

Can't wait to get all the vacation photos from Pam so I can update the PEI posts. And I hope Susan sees to the fish (she forgets nothing so I'm not really concerned) so that they live to see our next trip North (in two weeks.)

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