Monday, August 3, 2009

the adventure continues

Great day yesterday. Nick, Ellen and I drove up to the north coast and did a ride along the beach; probably 20 miles or so of road on a beautiful, sunny day. Stopped along the way at a little fishing cove for a break. Ended the ride at Dalvay (where Nick and I first stayed last summer on our inaugural trip here.) As beautiful and special as we remembered. Nice ride. We barely made it home in time to get cleaned up and get to the airport to meet Pam, but time (and flight delays) were on our side, and the timing was perfect. So great to see Pam! We caught up over dinner at a lobster shop in Charlottetown (Ellen wrangled a table even though the inside hostess said that without reservations we'd have an hour-long wait; very impressive.) Then we walked around the waterfront in Charlottetown -- Cow's for Nick, a sweet shop for Ellen and Pam. Lots of hyper-drive catching up on all our events over the last year, some negotiation about room assignments (Ellen's still undecided about which room to use after Howard and Joanne arrive today), some later- week planning, Ellen gave Pam a tour of the house and obviated any need for me to show her around (all donations cheerfully accepted). So amazingly great and comfortable to be together as it always is, as though no time had elapsed (when in fact it's been a year since we're together and except for some email haven't talked much.) And Nick's contributions of the male point of view were spectacularly apt and helpful as always when we got into the 3-girls-spinning on the subject of men and relationships. Perfectly balanced.

It's early morning now. Nick and I woke up early. It's lightly raining so we'll have to play it by ear for the day.

Susan asked if she could enter photos of the house in a Canadian design competition -- I said emphatically yes. And I hope she wins. (It wouldn't be me, it would completely be her.)

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