Saturday, August 15, 2009

I love Nick

And that love is apparent in everything I've written, but in case it's too implicit I wanted to make it explicit. I love Nick and everything about him. Here's a partial list of why; the sum total of why I love him and to such an unfathomable degree is the mystery it should be. If I could explain it, parse it and evaluate it with logic and reason it would barely approach the reality of my feelings, which are beyond words. So here's a partial list:
  • I love his morning sleepy head, all foggy and flushed with sleep, not as awake as I am (I'm up earlier)
  • I love the kind of dad he is to his girls
  • I love the son he is and the son-in-law he's becoming
  • I love watching my friends get to know him and seeing them swept away by his qualities
  • I love that the believes that as a boy it's his responsibility to take care of his girls (which includes me, his daughters, and Liv.)
  • I love his crazy OTC self-medication ministrations
  • I love that together we can shed our high-performing over-functioning natures and just be us, goofy and adolescent
  • I love that we've shared with each other the things important to us, but even more
  • I love that we discovered things together that we love. Top of that list is PEI, but there are myriad smaller things --- the 24-hour news cycle, classical music at Carnegie Hall, theater (we b0th prefer dramas to musicals), Celtic music
  • I love his pride in having me and his respect for my mind
  • I love that when I'm home waiting for him I miss him desparately and find the saddest world in the English language to be "traffic"
  • I love that when he works from home all day he's starved not only for me but for human company and when I get home he talks and talks
  • I love working out together, and watching him become a strong cyclist so that riding is now our thing, not just mine
  • I love it when he makes me my breakfast, and I love it just as much when I make him sandwiches or waffles or omelettes. He's so appreciate that I feel my heart melt
  • I love how he fixed my sleep, which until he moved in was fitful and full of nightmares, and is now so much better (imperfect still because of my back, but no matter)
  • I love listening to him talk and observing the expansion in his vocabulary since we're together
  • I love the names he calls me: pretty princess, sugarface, tiger, word lady, angel, hero, aircraft carrier (for that last one with its associations with size, bulk and lack of agility I see what he's really saying about my inner strength and broad shoulders
  • I love it when I come home from work and we have a glass of wine and share our days, and we do this every day
  • I love how he takes responsibility for everything that happens in the house and to any of his girls, and his certainty that he can fix it
  • I love the tatoo on his back and how he looks when he wears blue
  • I love his crazy feet
  • I love his mind and how it processes
  • I love the look on his face when he tells me he loves me too much
  • I love it when he comes home with bags and packages and we unpack and together put everything away
  • I love doing his laundry
  • I love him for making it safe for me to have no secrets, and for the way he makes it easy to talk about everything, no matter what
  • I love the way he understands my work issues, follows the stories and offers usable practical advice
  • I love the first few minutes after we get into bed and we lie in each others arms
  • I love our weekends -- hanging out, playing games, seeing friends, cycling, having Mojitos and yogo
  • I love it that he notices everything and I can feel how much he thinks about me
  • I even love him on his Blue Mondays -- the one day of the week he dreads because of the looming amount of work, when he hyper-focuses on everything he has to do, rarely gets into the shower before 4 and isn't quite relaxed and caught up when I get home
  • I love how much he misses me when I travel
  • I love his heart -- it's big, and full and has limitless love
  • I love it that we fully share the responsibility for cleaning up in prep for open houses
  • I love how much he loves Holly
  • I love how we divided the responsibility for the new house into two spheres of influence, each of which is comfortable for one of us. He deals with the caretaker, the maintenance, the mortgage and the bank, the insurance and other practicalities. I deal with the designer, the furniture, stocking the kitchen.
  • I love that he listens to right-wing talk radio to hear the other side of the argument and to be armed when he talks to his folks. All my media consumption is on the left or in the center; my only flirt with right-wing opinion is what I read in the Wall Street Journal
  • I love that he's not intimidated by my job, or my mind
  • I love the way he treats my parents -- with respect and love -- and they're responded in kind
  • I love the goofy 15-year old that lives inside him and is never far from the surface
  • I love being seen with him
  • I love feeling this love so deep that it's part of me, that a life without him is inconceivable, that a life with him is completely fulfilling
I love Nick!


  1. This is awesome! I've loved reading your blog for the last two weeks, Wendy. Thanks for sharing!

    Tom (Ellen's 'friend' here in PA!)

  2. Glad you're enjoying it! wendy

  3. awwww cutest thing ever! i love him too. <3 nikki

  4. I know -- and he adores you and Jamie! xox


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