Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday, continued

Pam took lots of photos along the way (to come) and Ellen and I reckoned that while we always whine for photo ops we really appreciate having the final photos. So hats off to Pam for making sure we capture the moment. And poor Pam -- a bee stung her eyelid which swelled up her eye.

On the way home we changed our plans; cancelled dinner at Dalvay for today so we could free up the evening to go see Highland Storm tonight -- we were far too spent to make it out last night. Every one showered and went into a couple of hours of fugue state made up of pure exhaustion. Ellen and Pam took rests, I read, Nick puttered and before we knew it it was past 7:30 and we'd made no dinner plans. We got by on leftovers and sandwiches and scraps and managed to put together a meal, which we ate on the deck inside the bug-free zone. And more chat, more family stories, more tales from our first weddings, talked about our kids and our plans for the next day.

Ellen, Nick and I went out to get ice cream at St. Eleanor's Dairy Bar (best in Summerside) and hatched plans for today. Ellen was brimming with good ideas, including one for today where we'd split into two groups: she, Nick and I would ride locally; Pam, Howard and Joanne would head to the beach (we've all seen the beach) and we could come home and give ourselves adequate rest time to make it out for dinner and the show.

We may end up with a hybrid plan; all ride together and then split after so the beachgoers can head up north. The key element of the plan was to limit today's riding and plan a long trip for tomorrow. We'll see how it progresses.

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