Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week's end

So Liv has a meeting with the talent agency on 12/7. She's breathless with excitement, though from her comments and questions it's clear that she thinks this is her meeting, which of course it is not. When I told her she was being seen for print, her comment was: "but I don't want to do print! By the way, what is print?"

By the 7th -- a day we hope won't live in infamy -- she'll have spent some time with Jen to prep her and she should be ready. Timing's nice in that we have our 3-way dinner tomorrow night with her dad and the more good things that happen for her the easier it should be. Maybe, marginally. I'll play the connective-tissue fill-in-any-conversation-gaps role, which isn't much of a stretch for me.

This weekend should be lovely. We were meant to have dinner last night with Lamia and Mirwan, but they had houseguests so we're rescheduled for a few weeks. Tonight we go to see The Emperor Jones at the Irish Rep -- very psyched. And of course dinner tomorrow. I'll be doing as much take-out as eat-in (we're going to Ben's): a sandwich for Nick and a bunch of stuff for Matt, who'll get here Tuesday night for our journey up north.

All the kids are so excited for our trip, which is delightful. We fly Wednesday morning.

I'm circling in on scheduling the hip replacement surgery. We're aiming for mid-to-late January at HSS and I'm waiting for specifics.

And the beat goes on.

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