Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I go to the doctor

We went yesterday to see Jose. I expected a review and conversation about my three options, but that wasn't how it went. He did an exam, showed me the xray from the arthrogram and said I really have no choice but the hip replacement -- that what I have is a very arthritic hip and nothing else will work. He explained -- and this helped me understand -- that the damaged labrum actually caused this arthritis to develop so quickly and so severely.

Before we could even ask questions he anticipated and answered (most of them.) Time in hospital: 3 days. Time out of work: 3-4 weeks. Restrictions after recovery: none except for the most extreme yoga positions. Implant material: titanium and ceramic. Location and length of scar: he showed us. Length of surgery itself: about an hour and a half. Hospitals where he operates: Lenox Hill and HSS, my choice. Length of time the implant will last: 20+ years.

There were a few things he didn't explain and I didn't ask: what the rehab is like, for one, but there will be time for that. The discussion was quick, and most of the info just swirled around me and didn't penetrate. That's happening now. So I'll think about it for a day or so and then call to schedule. I really don't have any choice: the status quo is intolerable and nothing else is guaranteed to work. This is.

Film at 11.

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