Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our first party

Yesterday was all highs and lows. The low came early, when I felt a migraine coming on as we were waiting on line in Zeller's to pay for new glassware. Nick and I had gone out early to pick up my repaired boots at the shoemaker ($10 CDN for a complete repair and re-sole) and then get what we needed for the party later. I had the anti-migraine stuff with me, which helped, but I still needed an hour or two in a darkened room before I started to feel ok, which happened by early afternoon. While I was out, Nick and the girls went shopping at Pennington's for some clothes for Nikki (jeans and a shirt) and my kids set themselves up at different stations in the house to do homework.

By the afternoon it was better, and Nick and I shopped for snacks, beer and wine for later. When we got home everyone did their own thing (thang?) for a couple of hours and at about 4 we started to set up. The kids were great -- didn't even need to be asked. They set to work arranging platters, designing how and where the food should go, all cheerful ("a useful engine is a happy engine", or something like that from Thomas the Tank Engine.)

At about 5 everyone started to arrive, and by about 6 they were all here -- everyone we know on the Island. Randy and Alison were first, followed by Gloria and Eddie. Then came Susie, Donna and Norm and finally Nicole. It was great -- we had a blast. The house was full of people and conversation and laughing, and the kids spoke with everyone. We had a great time, and decided to make this an annual event. There was too much food (of course) and everyone who hadn't been here got a tour of the house, with all due accolades to Susie (who Liv adored: "Susie, don't go!) Nicole spent a lot of time with Nikki, Nick and I chatted with everyone, the kids were entirely engaged. We talked about wine-making (Eddie and Randy both make wine), and graphic novels (Donna and Norm's son is an accomplished graphic novelist -- his books are amazing) to clothes and Sex in the City to hip replacements and the Canadian health system to the economy to real estate to Scrabble and the postal service and the need for better restaurants in Summerside. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves; Nick and I certainly did and the kids had a blast. We'll make plans for Susie to come to NY (hurry and stay with us!) and follow up dinners and get-togethers and all manner of things. A great evening.

When everyone left and we'd cleaned up most of the stuff we played some Catch-phrase -- the youngest (Liv, Nikki, Jamie) vs the oldest (Matt, Nick, me.) Liv's motto: "retards rejoice!" and they won, to our chagrin. Nick and I didn't make it past 3 games, but they kids stayed up and kept playing.

And today we're off. We have a very civilized afternoon flight so the morning will be easy. Quite a difference from the Halloween trip when Nick and I were on the road at 3:30 a.m. We'll be sorry to leave, as always, and will set to work making plans for the next trip.

Adieu, PEI -- we think we will miss you most of all.

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