Monday, November 16, 2009

Liv gets a bite

From an agent, who received the comp card from Jen today. It all happened quickly: Liv came to the office, visited with Jen, who emailed the card to CESD (happily also Liv's boyfriend's agent), who liked what they saw and want to schedule a meeting. Liv's feet haven't touched the ground since 6 this evening when we found out.

And Matt's study-abroad efforts are progressing. He's successfully clearing the hurdles of the process, and all signs point to a semester in Shanghai followed by a semester in Manchester. His timing is impeccable, given the role and importance of China in the world. Also very very cool. The timing of his interests has been unerring lately: for a career he wants to work in public policy specializing in education and health care. Could he be interested in anything more relevant?

Both these developments are very cool and very exciting. I'm so psyched for them both. And it should make our upcoming Thanksgiving trip smoother and more cheerful.

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