Friday, November 6, 2009


It's been a good week. Busy on all fronts -- my work, Nick's work, Liv's school -- but productive and with the right momentum. Liv's school concert was Wednesday night at a church near Lincoln Center. My parents joined me for the event, and it was absolutely wonderful. The choruses sang a range of classical songs, peppered with a few traditional spirituals and one pop song (the very cute Build me up buttercup.) All together a great evening.

Tonight we were meant to go see the Royal Family, but my diagnostic hip injection was rescheduled for this afternoon, so I gave away our tickets to my new assistant. It wasn't the play we were most looking forward to (that distinction is currently held by the new production of O'Neill's "The Emperor Jones") so it was an easy decision to make.

It'll be a nice, easy weekend. Errands and other stuff we're behind on because we were away last weekend. Lots of playing time and hanging out time. Liv's going tonight to what she ironically refers to as the world premier of her boyfriend's film -- the movie he and his friends made during their summer program at the NY film academy. Nick is having brunch with his daughter Jamie on Sunday, and I may see Sarah for coffee.

Spoke at length to Matt yesterday, and he sounded better than he has since he parachuted in to Amherst. He got the swine flue vaccine because the school identified him as high risk. He was funny -- said the shot had no side effects save one: he was suddenly filled with undying love for President Obama and a desire to work for him in any way he could. I laughed my head off.

He's much more focused in his academic and career interests: he wants to work in policy on education and health care. I'm impressed. And he's got a girlfriend. Nothing improves your mood like a new relationship. She also has a circle of friends he really likes, who are (of course) politically engaged. So all good on that front.

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