Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'll see you in health! (Thanks, Steven Colbert)

The latest? I went to Lenox Hill Radiology yesterday for the hip injection. The place and people didn't have the same warm-bath-you're-in-good-and-caring-hands as some other facilities I've gone to. The big city hospital feeling gave me more of a sense of being processed than cared for.

It was quick -- a couple of small injections (all of which I felt) followed by the larger needles with the anesthetic, the cortisone and the dye. The anesthetic worked instantly, and I walked out of the hospital with less pain than I had when I entered. The doc said that'll last a day (it's already gone) but that the steroids will kick in anywhere between two and five days later.

I estimate about a 33% reduction in pain, which means I suppose that my problem is 33% in my hip, the remainder in my back. This week I'll speak with hip guy, and encourage a meeting between him, spine guy and me. We'll see if they're open to it.

But it's the weekend. We have stuff to do to catch up on errands and to-do's. We may go to a movie tonight, and tomorrow Nick will see Jamie (to tell him what he already knows: that she doesn't want to go back to college but instead wants to go to beauty school and learn to do hair), and I'll meet Sarah for coffee to catch up.

When Liv is awake and alert (which will be many hours from now) I'll talk to her about arranging our three-way get together with her dad, which I want to happen in the next couple of weeks, before Thanksgiving.

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