Thursday, November 26, 2009

Matt gets punk'd

We got here without incident. Flights were on time and we managed to have fun during the layover in Montreal -- we perched in a cafe and talked and laughed. Got to PEI by 5, local time, and decided to have dinner at Brothers 2 before we went home. Over dinner, we started to tell Matthew what to expect at the house -- very basic, intermittent electricity ("did you bring candles?"), heat only on alternate days, no laundry, hard water, unfinished construction ("we're hoping it's done by now"), and that really it was best to think of the place as a trailer. As we neared the house we really had him going and he was asking why no one told him this and we said that was simple: he might not have come. He was pretty panicked as we turned the last corner, and we were laughing our heads off. Nick said he'd wanted to tell him but that I stopped him. Matt's anxious response: Nick -- I always liked you best.

Then we arrived, and walked in the front door. He was in equal measure blown away and relieved and immediately happy and at home. He took the tour and then made himself at home. He loved everything and once he relaxed said that he could imagine us spending less and less time in NY. Great fun.

We hung out a while and then the kids went downstairs to play darts and we went upstairs to read. For Nick a new book about infantrymen in the Second World War, for me the new book "Bright-Sided" by Barbara Ehrenreich.

It's about 8 a.m. now, and only Nick and I are up. We'll work out the Thanksgiving menu and then shop later.

It was a good travel day.

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