Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Speed bumps and spetsnaz

That's how the doctor referred to my progress when we saw him Wednesday. The swelling has increased, and he described it as the size of a half orange with about 6 ounces of fluid (definition: blood.) He wants to wait it out versus subjecting me to more intervention, which is more than fine with me. Also prescribed a new drug -- an anti-inflammatory used for arthritis, which he promises has none of the weird side effects I had from the others in the constellation of meds. He and Kim were both surprised at my fortitude (their version of how Nick refers to me as a "spetznaz*") in that I returned to work so soon and am taking no drugs.

They did suggest that I lose the high heels for now, and also throttle back on my activity. On the other hand I'm cleared to fly, which works out well since I have two trips on the calendar for next week.

*From Wikipedia: Russian special purpose regiments or Spetsnaz, Specnaz (Russian: Войска специального назначения, (спецназ) tr: Voyska spetsialnogo naznacheniya, pronounced [spʲetsnas]) is a general term for "special forces" in Russian, literally "special purpose". These Russian special forces can specifically refer to any elite or special purpose units under subordination of the Federal Security Service (FSB) or Internal Troops of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the units controlled by the military intelligence service GRU.

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