Saturday, September 19, 2009

Holly unbound

By all reports (ok, by Nick's report), Holly had the time of her life. There were about 30 dogs of all sizes, shapes, age and breeds and it was a veritable dog party. Which Dr. Seuss book is it that features the dog party -- big dogs and small dogs, black dogs and white dogs? That's the book I'm most reminded of.

NB: Yes, I ended that sentence with a preposition. Yes, I know that's a no-no. But I did it with knowledge, and also with the knowledge that the rule is a holdover from Latin where it made much more sense than it does with English. So I'm breaking the rule with impunity. My blog, my rules. We have to seize and hold control where we can.

He said -- without any bias of all, of course -- that Holly was the belle of the ball. She played, and ran, happy and unafraid. She generously shared her water with all of her new friends (and if not quite generously,she was smart enough not to get between the other dogs and her water.)

We'll start taking her there every weekend. For today that kind of exertion was beyond my abilities, but I'm planning on getting stronger every day. I'd love to see her in that setting. It reminds me of how I used to love to watch my kids in social settings, to see how they behaved without me; sometimes that required me to hide in shrubbery so I could watch them without their knowledge (I was a shameless mom, and hiding in shrubbery wasn't in any way beneath me.)

So Nick will take her to the park tomorrow, and I'll join next weekend. Holly, unbound. She's had a quite a wonderful doggy day: not just in the park but with the new chewy Nick bought her, and now she's happily resting in a patch of sunshine inside our corral in the yard. A perfect puppy day.

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