Monday, September 7, 2009


They're not much, because I can't do most of the stuff I usually do when I have time at home. Normally I work out, do household stuff, sometimes play guitar. With all of that off limits, it's a short and sedentary list of what's available to me. Here's the current plan:

  • write a thank-you note to the nurses and staff at 8 Wollman, Lenox Hill
  • post more photos from our trip to PEI with the kids
  • read
  • read
  • read
  • cuddle with Nick
  • check my email for a response from Roy, the brilliant Celtic fiddler in PEI who we've now seen 4 times (we emailed him to let him know that we're huge fans, and also to see -- in a bit of vague future planning -- if he performs at weddings)
  • write
  • respond to emails
  • sleep
  • read
  • play Scrabble
  • take short walks
  • rest
  • cuddle with Nick

That's about it. Not a particularly ambitious agenda. I'd love to do some baking, but too much bending, lifting and standing involved. Working out is sadly out of the question. Maybe a bit of on-line shopping with Liv, and perhaps I'll return to reading the daily political blogs, which include Politico, HuffPo, Daily Kos, Wonkette. I lost my taste for them and for most of the news over the last week, and while we're both saner since we left the 24-hour news cycle I wouldn't mind dipping a toe back in the water.

I missed one key project: appreciating Nick for everything he's doing and for the loving way he takes care of me. I try to thank him at every opportunity but I'm not expressing it well or often enough. There's no one on the planet who could do for me what he does, and no one else I'd even allow to try. He is the best, in every way and by every measure.

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