Saturday, October 3, 2009

The rest

So beyond the fact that the play was breathtaking, we had a great evening. Found two great places before the play, both on Second Avenue near 4th Street. A really nice wine bar (in the spirit of brevity being the soul of wit it's called Wine Bar) and an asian restaurant called Sea. Good wine, good food. Very fun. Great to be out again and doing things, and I felt fine (pain in my back as always but energy and overall sense of well-being were restored.)

Today there are people coming to see the house. Not the usual kind of suspects, but a couple who's been looking since last summer, when they were starting to explore options but still had a house to sell. They've made an offer, which I rebuffed (it was a joke.) They upped the offer and we countered. And that takes us to the current state of play: they want to see it again. Keep hope alive. I'm trying to.

Nick's girls won't be coming over tomorrow because Nikki's starting her new job this weekend at a facility for the disabled. I'll miss seeing them. But I'm in awe of Nikki's strengths as a caretaker. The ability to do that kind of work always impresses me, since I have none of those skills. She's excited and it's great to know she's happy and engaged. We'll find another opportunity to hang out.

But I'll still make the chocolate candy and everything else I promised Liv.

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