Thursday, October 1, 2009

Achieving Friday

Some things have returned to normal: my energy and my brain, primarily. Some things haven't: the swelling goes on (and on), the leg pain continues. I felt fully returned to work, which was a relief. And we'll have a real weekend for the first time in a long time, with theater tickets (Aftermath) and a full Sunday when Nick's girls will come over and hang out. I may bake, but I promised Olivia I'd make chocolate candy.

The candy is easy now that I know how to temper chocolate. I've got all the critical elements: excellent chocolate (Callebaut, in small easy-to-melt morsels), a candy thermometer and new molds (shells, chess pieces and electric guitars.) Should be fun. It's more chemistry than cooking but is a great crowd pleaser. The banana bread and muffins from last weekend were big hits (all the more so because I make them infrequently.) I owe Nick the dinner of his choice as a small thank-you for everything he does for me. He's researching dishes and menus, making choices and doubting himself, deciding and then undoing his decisions -- all the agonies of creativity. I will make one other thing this weekend at Liv's request -- Moroccan chickpea soup. We've made it every winter for the last few years and it's always a hit.

And from a broader view, it's been an interesting week:

  • watching the public option cling to life
  • hearing Lindsey Graham dismiss Glen Beck
  • finding John Ensign back on the front page
  • Michelle Bachmann is as always amusing (sex clinics?)
  • John Boehner's vapid words are always obscured by his preternatural tan
  • Sarah Palin is without question the gift that keeps on giving

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