Saturday, March 20, 2010

other news of note

  • Matt got his official acceptance to go to Shanghai in the fall
  • We're starting to talk about wedding plans: what kind of wedding we want and where
  • It's spring!
  • Going tonight to see a new production of "Hard Times" at City Center, third in the series from the Pearl theater company (first two were "Playboy of the Western World" and "Misalliance." After tonight we'll get back to serious theater-going
  • my pain continues but grows stranger. The awful morning pain that lasts about 3 hours goes all the way from my back/hip to my foot, with particular intensity in my ankle. Very strange. We go back to the doc Tuesday but are no longer expecting to get a real answer. No idea where we'll go from here
  • starting to have a social life again; beginning to make plans to see all our friends. We still have to go slower than I like because my energy flags after a full day at work. But we'll pace ourselves
  • healthcare reform is heading to a vote tomorrow! We are so psyched
  • stories we've been following include: Bart Stupak, John Ensign, the shocking developments in Virginia, DADT. Jon Stewart's imitation of Glenn Beck Thursday night was brilliant. Stephen Colbert's take on Beck was pretty damn good too
  • It's house-showing season, starting tomorrow with a couple of people, to be followed by open houses in April. Think happy thoughts

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